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PocketDrake - geocaching na PDA

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English version of the site
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Must-have Windows phone apps

Windows Phone Store expands its arsenal of amazing applications each month. Despite the fact that iOS and Android users say that Windows does not offer a large palette of Apps, there are some that you should really have on your Windows phone. It is always recommended to try the app before actually purchasing it. But these ones are awesome and you will soon see with your own eyes why you should have them on your mobile.

Uninstall them if you do not like these Windows apps

Apps that let you generate and save unique passwords are pure gold these days. Windows phone users are lucky enough to install it on their devices. Password Padlock will create unique passwords for your accounts and you can store them all in just one place. The passwords are encrypted, so you can rest assure that no one will access your e-wallet.

Life 360 Family Locator is an app you should have, regardless you are a mother of travelling children or you just wish to make sure your husband is in his hotel room. The members of your family are monitored 24/7 and this app will ensure you that they are safe and sound after a long road trip with their car.

If you have to scan documents, save a business card or send a paycheck to someone, these tasks are routine now with Office Lens. This Windows app is way better than the old scan since it will allow you to resize and trim your document to a proper readable size. But those who wish to be updated all the time must install Poki on their Windows phones. This app will save the web articles so you can read them later, when you will be on the bus and with nothing else to do. What other great apps would you install on your Windows phone?

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