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PocketDrake - geocaching na PDA

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English version of the site
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Things Windows Phones can do better than Android devices

Android has over 80 per cent of smartphone market share, so how can someone say that Windows phones are better than Androids? Although the Android mobile operating system is undoubtedly the leader and leaves its competition far behind, Windows phones have a user-friendly interface and are very fast, too.

One of the greatest advantages of Windows phones is their partnership with Nokia. The phones are quite affordable, but Nokia is famous for producing phones with exceptional designs and powerful characteristics. The quantity of the Windows App Store might be low, but it’s quality that matters. You will find plenty of great apps you should install on your device and you will sure have your needs covered.

Better features of Windows phones

Emails and social media integration are seamless. Windows phones are smooth and fluid, they allow easily switches between social media and your phone contacts and maneuvering them will be as easy as ABC. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook data can be accessed within the People Hub and you will have them all under control all the time. You will have free Office on your Windows phone and Microsoft will provide you support whenever you might need it.

Windows works great on a wide palette of phones. But because this palette is smaller than Android’s, it definitely works better than Android. You will never have lags, the design is minimalist and the phones are renowned for their best build quality – we are talking about the immortal Nokia, after all. In addition to this, the tiles are very versatile, you can play with them and arrange them accordingly to your desire. Whether you are a color freak or you wish to have your desktop customized based on how often do you use the apps, Windows can do this better than Android.

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