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About Linux

You probably already know that Linux is the most famous and most utilized open source operating system. Your computer performs the desired functions because it has an operating system installed. This software enables the computer operator and applications to access and operate the devices on the computer. OS – or the operating system – relays instructions from an application to the processor and after the processor will perform the task, it will send a result back to the application, through the OS.

Although beginners could not admit it, Linux is quite similar to other operating systems, such as OS X and Windows. Even since its inception in 1991, Linux has been widely used in computing, phone technology, supercomuputers and many different consumer devices. Just one company is responsible for developing and offering support and they share the development costs and research with their competitors and partners.

Discover some facts about Linux

Linux runs on numerous devices today and its future is very bright as well. The system BIOS of Laptops and Notebook computers have Linux installed, but this operating system is also installed on our mobiles and smartphones. Whenever we buy a new phone, we do not consider if it has Linux, Windows or iOS. But Linux is often preferred because this OS is portable, allows multiple users, it has an open source and it has a multiprogramming feature, which means that multiple programs can be run at the same time on the device.

In other words, you can listen to music on the internet, spend time on https://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-prague-177/, search for a restaurant that can deliver you food at your place and even socialize with your friends on one of the social media websites. The source code of Linux is freely available, this system is constantly developed and engineers are always trying to offer better versions of it, without causing you disruptions to your work and without requiring reboots or other unpleasant situations.

The security is ensured all the time and the information, data and files are encrypted. Due to its hierarchical file system, Linux has perfectly arranged files that can be accessed in the same time with the applications, ram and memory. If you use Linux on your device, you can edit, view and even contribute to the code of this operating system, which is actually one of the best advantages of it.

Test Linux at your place

You probably use Linux, but you do not know it. One of your devices may have this operating system installed and you might even bring your contribution without even knowing. But if the device has a Linux tag, it certainly uses this OS.


If you wish to develop your programming skills or you want to have a fulfilling IT career, you should consider learning as much as you can about Linux. Test drive this operating system with a flash drive without having to change something on your computer. Give it a try for several days and see if Linux will suit your requirements!

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